5 benefits of a visitor management system

Visitor management systems have become a popular way for many businesses to keep track of people coming and going from their premises, but do you know about their other benefits?

Visitor management systems have a wide range of useful features that can help your business increase security, comply with data regulations, and even give a good first impression to the people entering your building.

1. Increased security

Visitor management systems can help your business to increase security and reduce security risks. When it comes to unauthorised people in your building, visitor management systems can help you create custom visitor badges so your staff can easily identify people who are supposed to be there. This can reduce potential risks such as data breaches, theft and more.

2. Good first impressions

When a visitor first enters your business, it’s important that they get a good first impression. Using a visitor management system can ensure that they get signed in quickly without having to wait around for a receptionist to be available.

Another way that visitor management systems can give visitors a good first impression is allowing visitors to register before they even arrive on site. This can give them adequate time to read your policies, complete their details and even take a photo for use on their visitor badge. 

3. Employee monitoring

Being able to actively monitor your staff is one addition to visitor management systems that many businesses find useful. They allow you to keep track of where your staff are, the hours they’re working and even allows you to see when they leave. This can be great to monitor the attendance of staff and even calculate holiday entitlement and overtime.

4. Data compliance

GDPR has rightfully made a lot of businesses more careful with their data and having a visitor management system requires handling more personal data about your visitors and staff. However, visitor management software is built with data compliance in mind. Here at VMFree, we use cloud-based data storage to ensure the security of staff and visitor data, so you don’t have to use outdated systems like filing cabinets and old software.

5. Reduces waste

Many businesses are trying to reduce the amount of waste they produce, and a visitor management system can help! Traditional visitor management processes often require paper forms for visitors to fill out their information and the reason they’re here. With a visitor management system, this becomes obsolete as you can do it all from the software or on the mobile app.

This can also be useful for administrators where a visitor wants their data changed or erased, instead of searching through files of paper, you can just find their data on the cloud-based system with their name or reference number and make the necessary changes.

Why choose VMFree?

VMFree is a free visitor management software with a wide range of useful features including custom visitor badges, staff management, visitor tracking, contactless sign in and much more. To learn more about our features or to discuss your requirements, please contact our expert team today.

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