Cloud-based visitor management software for safe and secure visitor registration.


Free Visitor Management System

Welcome visitors to your business, and provide innovative staff sign in options with the VMFree visitor management system. Take visitor registration to a new level with our secure and intelligent software that gives you safety, efficiency and visibility all in one place. VMFree gives you the opportunity to brand your visitor management software in order to give your visitors a professional and personalised experience that keeps your business safe, compliant and secure.

Why use visitor management software at your premises?

Save time & money

Making your sign in process quick means your staff are free to work on other things. Notifications tell you someone has arrived, and the software can show who they are meeting, maximising the time that can be spent on more productive matters.

Make a good first impression

Our visitor management software gives the VIP experience from start to finish, making sure clients and visitors feel special. It shows your guests that you are professional, and by sending personalised invitations, you can make them feel welcome and important to you and your business.

Auditing & compliance

Keeping all of your records in one place makes reporting much easier, allowing you to see what happens in the business quickly and easily. By providing policies and agreements on arrival, you can also ensure your business remains compliant with any laws and regulations.


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Visitor Book In & Out

Tablet Application For Visitor Booking

30 Day Visit History

Custom Hosts

Future Bookings

Fire Report

Standard (Coming Soon)


Custom Badge Printing

Visitor Photos

Multiuser Support

Customisation (Logo, Colours, Welcome Message)

Up To 2 Years Visit History

All Free Features

Our Features

The launch version of VMFree has a range of features including:

Visitor Tracking

See where your visitors are at all times with our visitor tracking software. See who has signed in and out and generate a real time report of who is on site and mark each one as safe in the event of an emergency.

Host Notifications

Visitors signing in gives you an instant notification of their arrival on site.

Future Booking

The ability for visitors to create future bookings.

Staying compliant

With staff and contractors all needing to be aware of different rules, you can make sure that everyone is aware of the policies and procedures that apply to them.

Staff Management

Keep track of where your staff are and when they are working. Our staff sign in software means that you can see when staff arrive at work, how many are on site at any given time and even see when they leave.

Secure Data Storage

Our cloud-based portal ensures secure data storage and GDPR compliance.


VMFree visitor sign in system allows you to take a photograph of each person on arrival for your records.

Custom Visitor Badges

Create custom made identity badges for each visitor when they arrive. Just let the VMFree system provide you with all of their details and a photograph and create your badge to give them a personalised experience and make them easily identifiable on site.

VMFree App

Yes, absolutely! With VMFree, there is no additional software required as it is a secure browser-based visitor management system that you can access via any internet browser. Following registration, we will provide you with the website address and log in credentials to access the system to be able to start using in your premises.

Yes, VMFree is compatible with all internet browsers available on both PC and Mac.

Yes, we recommend a bandwidth of at least 2.5mbps in order to run VMFree to its optimum performance level.

Yes, there is an accompanying Android app which allows users to book themselves in and out against a host.

Yes, the base version of VMFree is free for all users and will be free forever. There will also be premium features coming in future updates which require a paid subscription.

Download VMFree Today

To take advantage of our powerful free visitor management system, download VMFree to start managing your visitors today.

Why Choose VM Free?


We provide an innovative solution for those looking for new visitor management software, and our Freemium version is the perfect way to test out a system for those businesses who are implementing a visitor management system for the very first time.


We understand what your business needs because we have more than 20 years of experience in the world of visitor management. First launched in 2001, we have served the needs of over 2000 SME’s, schools and large corporations, giving us the knowledge and expertise to create visitor management systems to meet every need.

Continuous Improvement

At VMFree, we are always striving for better, which is why our V1 visitor management software is just the start. We aim to continue to develop the systems on offer to provide even more features and premium functionality, adding a paid subscription alongside our free offering.


Our visitor management software is built around your needs, which means you can ask it to do whatever you need it to. Our flexible system lets you ask the questions that are important, provide the information that keeps you compliant and track the whereabouts of everyone to keep them safe.