4 ways a visitor management system improves school safety

The safety of students and staff is integral to schools, so ensuring that anyone entering or exiting the school are authorised to do so. Take a look at four ways a visitor management system can improve the safety of schools.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures

Visitor management systems allow schools to move away from paperwork, making your fire evacuation process at school much safer and easier. With a visitor management software, you can gain access to your evacuation list when you need it and keep an eye out for students or staff who could be missing in an emergency situation.

Our sign-in/out app offers the ability to sign people off if they’re present at the evacuation point to confirm their safety, as well as providing an in-depth report of the evacuation, further providing safety to schools.

Remote Sign-in Options

With our visitor management systems, we offer a sign-in/out app that allows staff to sign in and out of the school. This feature improves the safety of schools as it can help to benefit on-site evacuation, through alerting others that you are confirmed as being signed in and present at the school.

This feature of visitor management software can also provide information on the whereabouts of those in the school, and what is happening during an emergency evacuation.

Staff and Student Identification

If any guests are present around the school, a visitor management system can help identify who is a guest, and who is a student or a staff member. Our visitor management system has the ability to print ID badges for visitors, which they can wear around the school ensuring everyone within the school is easily identifiable.

Our visitor management systems allow visitors of the school to design their badge, and also provide photo identification to increase security.

If you have a system in place that requires individuals to wear an ID badge within your premises, you can easily identify visitors that have not gone through the visitor management system, as they won’t have an ID that is required. Security staff can deal with unauthorised visitors or help with setting them up with the required ID card.

Through the use of wearing ID badges at schools, it shows that the visitor has passed all appropriate security protocols to confirm that they’re safe to be on site. With our custom badge option, it also makes them much harder to replicate, preventing someone to trespass or access the building without permission.

Information on those in the school

An effective visitor management system ensures that anyone looking to enter the school is signed in, which is important for school safety as it can boost evacuation efforts, as previously mentioned, or if someone is required for additional academic support, their presence at the school can be confirmed by the visitor sign-in software.

Increase your school safety with our visitor management system

If you’re looking to increase your school safety, enquire about our visitor management software today! Our software offers remote sign-in options, custom ID badges and many more. For additional information, contact our team today.

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