How can custom visitor badges enhance visitor experience

Custom visitor badges are a great tool for many businesses looking to keep track of the people entering their premises, but they have many more benefits.

Visitor badges are a versatile tool for the workplace to increase security, branding and to even encourage conversations between people attending their events.

In this blog we’ll discuss what custom visitor badges are, why people use them and how they can enhance your visitors experience at your business.

What are custom visitor badges?

Custom visitor name badges are a way for organisations to keep track of who is inside their building at all times! They’re a great visual aid to easily identify who is signed in and who isn’t. These badges keep unauthorised people from slipping through and causing potential chaos.

Custom visitor badges can be customised to include important factors including:

  • Their photograph
  • The reason for their visit
  • The date and time of their visit
  • Who they’re visiting
  • Your companies branding
  • QR codes for validation

What are custom visitor badges used for?

Custom visitor badges can be used in various types of organisations including schools, offices and even manufacturing facilities. Regardless of whether your workplace is home to a small or large number of people, visitor badges can be a key reassurance for staff and members of the public.


Regardless of your workplace the safety of everyone who operates in and out of your premises should be a priority. From teachers and pupils to contractors and maintenance workers, custom visitor badges can be an effective tool in enhancing these small security measures, especially if you experience various levels of foot traffic within your school or workplace.

If non-employees are given visitor badges, it allows your staff to easily identify who is authorised to be there and who isn’t. This can help prevent potential safety issues such as data breaches, theft and the safety of your staff.

Showing a form of identity at all times within your place of work can be an extension of your business uniform and will provide reassurance to parents, other staff members and visitors themselves, as they can also identify who is a staff member, and who isn’t.


Aside from security, investing in custom visitor badges can do a lot more than just identify your visitors, they can also reaffirm your branding! Adding your business’ colours, logo and other branding elements can create a professional and welcoming impression to visitors, it’s also a great conversation starter if your employees are out and about, representing your company.

Encourage networking

Talking of representing your company, visitor badges can also play a key role when it comes to networking. If you’re holding an event, ensuring that names, job titles and even company names are printed on the badge, not only keeps everyone safe, but it can prove to be a great icebreaker and encourage new conversations between groups.

Make it easy for visitors to check out

Ensuring that visitors can easily sign out is a must! This can help your staff identify who is in the building during potential emergencies such as fire alarms. You can customise your visitor badges to include sign out elements like QR codes so a visitor can scan their badge as they leave to notify your staff they are no longer on the premises.

Guiding visitors

When entering a new building it can get confusing finding the room you need to be in or finding the office of the person you’re trying to meet. Making sure your visitors don’t get lost or frustrated can be made easy with custom visitor badges. Customise visitor badges to have navigation information on that tell your visitors where their meeting is, what floor the office the department they’re visiting is on and even quick directions to facilities or cafeterias.

How can VMFree help?

VMFree is a free visitor management system with a wide range of innovative features to help your business thrive. If you’re looking to streamline your visitor management and enhance your visitor experience, please get in touch with our expert team who can walk you through our features and discuss your requirements!

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