Visitor Registration

If a visitor is due to arrive on site, then the VMFree visitor registration system can ensure a positive and safe experience begins long before they arrive on site. 

Start as You Mean to go on

We all know how important first impressions can be, and having the right visitor registration software plays a big part in helping to shape the view your visitors have of you. Make them feel like a VIP, show off your professionalism and ensure their arrival is straight forward and stress free. Your guests can now pre-register before they arrive to help save time when they arrive. 

A Unique Experience

Our innovative visitor registration software gives you complete control so that you can create personalised invitations to your visitors, all complete with, details of the meeting and even directions to ensure that they can find you.  

Be Ready

By giving guests the option to pre-register, you can not only save the amount of time that they spend at reception, but you can also spot trends in visitor patterns. This means that it is easy to spot times which might be busy and puts you in a better position to prepare for your guests and keep all of your systems running smoothly.