Staff Management

It is not only important to track the visitors who are on site, you also need to know where your staff are too. VMFree can provide an effective, safe and efficient staff sign in system for the ultimate in access control. 

Looking After Your Staff

A staff sign in system plays a big part in maintaining the health and wellbeing of you staff. As many companies have now adapted to a flexible way of working, you can still have an effective way of monitoring who is working and how long they are working for when they are on site. This means you can ensure a correct balance is reached and can support a policy of flexible working.  

Staying Compliant

With staff and contractors all needing to be aware of different rules, you can make sure that everyone is aware of the policies and procedures that apply to them, whether they are on site or working elsewhere. They can easily be supplied with policies, and documents to make sure that your workforce is always kept abreast of what they need to know.

Touch of a Button

In the event of an emergency, you can have a real-time log of exactly who is on site, all at the touch of a button.