How can your visitor management system make visitors feel welcome?

We all know that first impressions are important, but did you know that your business’ first impression doesn’t start when they meet an employee, its starts when they enter the building!

Many organisations have a wide range of visitors including potential new hires, family and friends, clients and even delivery people so providing them with a welcoming and professional environment as soon as they step through the door can do wonders for how they feel and how they perceive your business.

Visitor management systems are a great way to welcome both visitors and staff during the work day. They can help give directions and information to visitors while also giving your team a way to track who is in the building and why.

Here we discuss the ways a visitor management system can help welcome visitors to your business.

It can help address your visitors quickly

Leaving your visitors to wonder aimlessly through your lobby or reception is no way to create a welcoming environment. Using a visitor management system which can give recently signed in visitors their ‘next step’ can reduce their anxiety in situations where they’re not sure where they’re supposed to go.

These next steps could be directions to the meeting room or waiting room, informing them of who they need to speak to like a receptionist and even direct them to important areas like facilities and cafeterias. This can help address each visitor as they arrive, reducing reception wait times and welcoming visitors instantly.

It gives them identification

Especially in larger organisations, visitors can often feel as if they don’t belong or that the person that they’re there to see, won’t be able to find them in a room full of people, so providing them with a custom visitor badge can ease this tension.

VMFree’s custom visitor badges can include the visitors name, picture, what type of visitor they are (family and friends, potential hire, deliveries and more) and even the date of their visit. You can also customise the look of your visitor badges to add your companies branding and logo.

To make it easier for a visitor’s return visit, you can save templates for your custom visitor badges so you wont have to create a new one each time, just will just need to change the date of the visit and maybe the reason for their visit.

Welcoming visuals

No matter if your visitors sign in through a physical terminal or on their phone, they should have an easy warm welcome. If visitors are signing in on a physical terminal or even at reception, ensuring it is easily accessible is important, this means having adequate signage and putting it in an accessible area, preferably close to the entrance of your premises.

Allowing visitors to sign in on the app gives them opportunity to sign in ahead of time, this means it will reduce time stood around or wondering where to go. Signing in on the app allows visitors to read your policies ahead of time and also allows them to see where they need to go before even entering the building.

How can VMFree help?

VMFree is a free visitor management system that has a wide range of features to help you manage and welcome visitors to your business including, custom visitor badges, visitor tracking, staff management and an accompanying sign in/out application.

If you would like to learn more about VMFree and how it can provide your business with new ways to manage staff and visitors, please contact us today!

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