School Visitor Management System

Ensuring safety and security in your school is of upmost importance. Most schools have a reception where visitors can sign in, but having a school visitor management system can give your campus another layer of security.

School Classroom

School Sign-in System


The VMFree visitor management software can help you identify visitors on campus quickly and easily with the ability to create custom visitor badges. This feature can help schools and universities know exactly who is on site at all times and allow your staff to spot people who don’t have authorisation to be there. You can store visitor badges indefinitely on our system to be used whenever you need it.

Signing in

The VMFree sign in app makes it easier than ever to sign in your staff, students and visitors. Our easy to use app has features like self check in/out which can help free up staff time and host notifications so you can be notified when a visitor has checked in on site. Having the ability to book in visitors allows you to access a fire report listing so in the case of an emergency, you are able to identify exactly who is on campus.

GDPR compliant

The visitor management software for schools can help you meet the necessary GDPR requirements for your school. Our secure cloud-based data storage will ensure the security of staff and student data without having to use outdated systems like filing cabinets and old software. 


Tracking the attendance of students has never been easier with VMFree’s smart reporting tool. You can easily view the history for the past 30 days of all students, staff and visitors that have accessed your campus and create an accurate report.