Hospital Visitor Management System

Ensure the safety of your staff and patients with VMFree. Our hospital visitor management system allows you to easily sign in and track visitors, get detailed visitor reports for the past 30 days and create custom visitor badges for easy identification.

Doctor walking around Hospital

Healthcare Sign-in System

Check in

Streamline the check in process at your hospital with VMFree. Our hospital visitor management software allows your patients to check in as soon as they arrive and has the ability to create custom visitor badges so you can easily identify visitors in the building, what they’re there for and how long they’re authorised for.

GDPR compliance

Ensuring GDPR compliance is of upmost importance in a hospital setting. The VMFree hospital visitor management system prioritises data security by providing secure data storage on our cloud-based portal. This enables you to store visitor data while complying with data laws effectively.

Be prepared in an emergency

If there is ever an emergency and you need to evacuate your hospital, for example due to a fire risk, it is important to know who is on site and where they are. The VMFree hospital visitor management system allows you to create a detailed emergency report of every visitor in the building or across the site, saving emergency workers precious time when locating people.

Save time with pre-registration

Many healthcare providers struggle with excessive wait times for their visitors, and finding ways to reduce them can improve productivity for staff and the experience for visitors. The VMFree sign in system allows you to pre-register visitors so they can be directed to the right department and reduce the reception waiting times, which improves the speed and efficiency of your service.