Visitor management for local governments

In local government, it is incredibly important that the coming and going of visitors is carefully tracked, which is why government visitor registration software is essential. At VM Free, we have created an effective form of visitor management for local governments that makes the process streamlined and easy, whilst still collecting all of the information that you need.

Government Meeting Room

Government Visitor Management Software

As local government often needs to be open to the public, it is necessary to know who is in the building at any given time in order to keep staff, property and data safe. Our visitor registration software allows you to provide a virtual check in experience that allows you to safeguard your offices and provide a personalised and effective welcome for your visitors.

Our government visitor registration software allows you to decide what information you need to collect about your visitors and design your own check-in process based around this. It shows that your organisation is secure and professional, as you can add all the branding that you need, and it means you know who is in the building, where they should be going and gives you the ability to print a personalised visitors badge on the spot.

Not only can you track where your visitors are, you can also collect information about them that makes it easier than ever to keep in touch. It can help to avoid long waits in reception areas, helps you comply with any safety regulations and gives you accurate and reliable timestamps for any visits that take place, making VM Free the essential visitor management tool for any local government.