Events Visitor Management System

When you run an event, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible, and the VM Free events visitor management software is the perfect way to achieve this. Our innovative system allows visitors to sign in and out of your event quickly and easily, enabling you to track who is where at any given time and know exactly how many people you have on your site.


Events Visitor Management Software

The VM Free events visitor management software is suitable for arena, stadia, theatres, hotels, conference and visitor attractions, allowing you to not only understand how many people are onsite, but who they are too. This discreet system collects all of the information that you need from your visitors or contractors, whilst making signing in and out as streamlined as possible, avoiding any queues or hold ups.

The system is a great way to add an extra touch of professionalism to your event, as it can be fully customised with all of your branding and company logos. It can take on the style and functionality that you need and that reflects your business, whilst helping your event to be as secure and efficient as possible. The information that you collect can all be viewed in real time, giving you a live picture of your event and who is there, which will help when it comes to planning your next one.

By moving your events visitor management system to this online platform, you can collect more information than ever before, store it securely and have the ability to print personalised badges to make the identification of your visitors even easier.